You must begin to think for yourself as to you you are going to be.

David Viscott

When you are born, you are given a great gift: a life to enjoy.  Your life is meant to love others and to be loved, to seek adventures, to experience joy and to be a gift to those who love you. You are only given this one life. As you grow, you become who you are going to be.

These films have been created so that those whose lives have been largely determined by their choices that have landed them in prison. Their hope in speaking is that their story might change your story.

Who Are You Going To Be?

Don't Let a Gang Decide for You!

Our Town

The Homeless Not the Hopeless

Who Are You Going Be?

Don't Let Meth Decide For You!

Juvenile Hall

You Will Leave Better Than You Were.

Lagrimas de Mi Madre

Tears of My Mother